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Boneyard Restoration Project October/November Update!

Dear Friends –

Exciting updates on the progress of current Boneyard Creek Redevelopment this month!

The reconstruction of the Race Street Pavement from University Avenue to Griggs Street was completed and Race Street was opened to through traffic on October 23, 2013! Another significant milestone was the resurfacing and striping of Broadway Avenue between Water Street and University Avenue.

Additional work completed during October included: encasement of the trestle bridge piers; installation of storm sewer along the east side of the building at 208 Griggs Street; reconfiguration of storm sewer off the SE corner of the Race Street Bridge; modification of the railroad signals at the Race Street crossing; removal of creek side sheet pile; construction of the walls for the east trestle abutment; sheet pile driving for the walls south of the Norfolk Southern railroad culvert; installation of remaining panels for the wall along the south side of City Parking Lot 25; and pouring of the last two sections of the wall along the southwest edge of the project site. Work was started on the excavation for the precast panel wall bordering the west parking lot of the building at 221 Broadway Avenue and installation of streetscape band along Race Street.

Project work anticipated for November includes construction of: concrete faced walls adjacent to the Norfolk Southern railroad culvert; traffic signals at Race Street and University Avenue; decking for the trestle pedestrian bridge; steps down to the Boneyard creek off the SW corner of the Race Street Bridge; sidewalk along the east side of the building at 208 Griggs; remaining brick band on Race Street and Broadway Avenue; and manhole adjustments in the new Broadway Avenue pavement. Work will also begin on the site walls east of the Griggs Street culvert and bordering the west parking lot of the building at 221 Broadway Avenue. Weather permitting, installation of stone facing may also begin in the vicinity of the Race Street Bridge.

If you have any questions, contact the city via Brad Bennett at Update materials provided by the city.

Looks like a lot is going on! What are you most excited to see?


Survey time this Saturday!

The Friends of the Boneyard are working to get local input on the Boneyard Redevelopment Plan in order to make sure that all stages are incorporating elements (activities, infrastructure, etc.) that will make these spaces truly engaging and sustainable for our community! We’ve been working with the City to add to the project they are doing and see this as a collaborative effort.

Recently we’ve been working with a class at the University of Illinois to better access our local community and get vital feedback from more residents. This coming Saturday, we’ll be canvassing/surveying residents in 5 different Wards in Urbana, to ask their thoughts and get their input on what they want at the Boneyard! Chances are some of these University students will be knocking at your door – so please, let them know your thoughts! If you’d like to answer the survey and are not visited, do let me know, and I’ll send you a copy of the survey for you to fill out as well.

We understand that not all residents see this change as a positive one. Because of this, we’d like to really focus on your neighborhood and its residents in order to best understand what would work for this particular community and perhaps work toward potential alternatives, should that be wanted. If you would like to be part of a focus group on the section nearest your neighborhood, please indicate so on the survey, or email us at the address below.

Students will be knocking on doors between 9 am and 12 pm. If you should want to fill out a short survey on your opinions for what you’d like to see/experience at the Boneyard Creek and don’t receive a personal visit, you can contact us at to receive an electronic copy. We want to hear from as many people as possible!

Thanks again for your support, interest, and comments as we move forward in this exciting process.


Grace R. Kenney